Local vs International: How to Choose the Best School for Your Child in Singapore (Part II)

Delve into the important decision of choosing between local and international schools in Singapore with our insightful guide. Part II of our blog explores the pros and cons of each option, offering practical tips and valuable resources. Navigating the complexities of school selection is easier with practical tips, insights, and support services from Sprouts Lab Singapore. Discover valuable resources, expert advice, and personalised assistance to ensure a smooth transition for your child. 

Read on to empower yourself in making the right choice and unlock your child’s limitless potential in Singapore’s educational landscape!

Deciding on the Right Path

Choosing the right educational path for your child in Singapore is significant. Local and international schools offer distinct advantages and challenges, making it crucial to carefully weigh all factors before committing.

Local Schools

Local Schools offer various advantages and challenges that play an essential role in the decision-making process for your child’s education in Singapore:


  1. Highly Subsidised Tuition Fees: Local schools provide highly subsidised tuition fees for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents, making education more accessible for residents.
  1. Strong Academic Focus: These schools emphasise a robust academic curriculum, focusing on core subjects to provide a solid foundation for students.
  1. Immersion in Singaporean Culture and Language: Local schools immerse students in the rich cultural tapestry of Singapore, fostering a deep understanding of the local culture and language.
  1. Competitive Academic Environment: The competitive atmosphere in local schools can motivate students to strive for academic excellence, preparing them for future challenges.


  1. Limited Availability for Non-Citizens: Due to the quota system, non-citizens may face limited availability in local schools, posing a challenge for expatriate families.
  1. Rigorous Academic Environment: The academic environment in local schools is often rigorous, which may be challenging for some students to navigate.
  1. Less Emphasis on Extracurricular Activities: While local schools focus on academics, there may be less emphasis on extracurricular activities and social-emotional development.
  1. Smaller School Communities with Less Cultural Diversity: Local schools may have smaller communities with less cultural diversity compared to international schools, potentially limiting exposure to a variety of perspectives.

International Schools

International Schools present a distinctive set of advantages and challenges, contributing to the complexity of the decision-making process:


  1. Diverse Curricula and Flexible Learning Options: International schools offer diverse curricula, providing students with a broad educational experience. They often have flexible learning options to cater to individual needs.
  1. Smaller Class Sizes and Personalised Attention: With smaller class sizes, students in international schools receive more personalised attention from teachers, fostering a conducive learning environment.
  1. Strong Emphasis on Holistic Development: International schools prioritise holistic development, focusing not only on academics but also on overall well-being and personal growth.
  1. Multicultural Environment Fostering Global Perspectives: These schools create a multicultural environment, exposing students to a variety of cultures and perspectives, promoting a global outlook.
  1. State-of-the-Art Facilities and Resources: International schools often boast state-of-the-art facilities and resources, providing students with enhanced learning experiences.


  1. Significantly Higher Tuition Fees: One of the primary challenges is the significantly higher tuition fees associated with international schools, potentially strain family finances.
  1. Potential Cultural and Language Barriers: Non-native English speakers may face cultural and language barriers, impacting their overall adjustment and integration into the school community.

Practical Tips for Choosing Between Local and International Schools in Singapore 

Making a well-informed decision involves a holistic approach that takes into account your child’s unique characteristics, your family’s values, and the offerings of each school. These practical tips aim to guide you through the process, ensuring that the chosen educational path aligns with your child’s growth and development.

Consider Your Child’s Needs and Learning Style

Evaluate your child’s unique needs, strengths, and learning style to determine the educational environment that best suits them.

Research Different Schools:

Conduct thorough research on local and international schools, comparing factors such as curriculum, facilities, and support programs.

Visit Shortlisted Schools

Schedule visits to the shortlisted schools to see the campus, classrooms, and facilities. Meeting with teachers and administrators can provide some valuable insights.

Talk to Other Parents and Students

Connect with parents and students from the schools you’re considering. Their perspectives and experiences can offer valuable information and help you gauge the school’s community.

Be Open-Minded and Flexible

Stay open-minded and flexible throughout the decision-making process. Consider various factors and be willing to adapt your preferences based on what aligns best with your child’s needs.

Seek Professional Advice

Don’t hesitate to seek advice from educational consultants specialising in school selection. They can provide professional insights and guidance based on your specific situation.

Additional Resources:

  • Sprouts Lab Singapore: Offers comprehensive support packages for parents navigating the school selection process, including school selection guidance, application process assistance, and financial aid consultation.
  • Ministry of Education Singapore (MOE): Provides information on local schools, including admission procedures, curriculum details, and school performance data.
  • Council of International Schools (CIS): Offers a directory of international schools worldwide and resources for parents considering international education.

Sprouts Lab: Your Partner in Navigating Educational Choices

Navigating the complexities of school selection is where Sprouts Lab Singapore steps in. We firmly believe that every child deserves access to a high-quality education that cultivates their unique talents and potential. Our dedicated team of experienced consultants offers a range of support services, including:

🌱Domestic School Transfer Package

For families already holding a Dependent Pass, Sprouts Lab’s Domestic School Transfer Package offers comprehensive support throughout the relocation transfer process. From navigating the intricate landscape of international school choices to facilitating the application process, our experienced consultants ensure a seamless transition. We understand the importance of the first day at a new school, and our commitment extends to preparing families for this significant milestone. 

For those with existing Student Pass holders looking to transfer schools, we provide expert guidance in selecting a new educational institution and offer support for a hassle-free new Student Pass application process. With a focus on personalised assistance, our Domestic School Transfer Package is designed to alleviate the complexities of changing schools, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for parents and students.

💼Expatriate Package

The Expatriate Package from Sprouts Lab is crafted to cater to the needs of families relocating to Singapore for employment opportunities. With the inclusion of new enrolment into an international school, our package ensures a seamless transition for your child’s education. As your company takes charge of applying for your Employment Pass (EP) and your family’s Dependent Pass (DP) on your behalf, Sprouts Lab focuses on supporting you in finding the ideal school for your child.

Understanding the significance of informed decision-making, our Expatriate Package offers basic support, including up to four campus visits. These visits empower you to explore potential educational environments, meet with teachers, and assess facilities, allowing you to make well-informed choices. Whether it’s securing the right school for your child or facilitating your family’s visa processes, Sprouts Lab is committed to providing comprehensive assistance, ensuring that your relocation experience is both smooth and rewarding.

🌐Business Owner Package

Entrepreneurs and business owners relocating to Singapore for business setup or investment face unique challenges. Sprouts Lab’s Business Owner Package is tailored to address these specific needs. Our comprehensive support extends to facilitating new enrolment into an international school for your child so you can focus on setting up a business while we take care of your family’s needs. We understand that navigating the educational landscape is a crucial aspect of business-related relocation, and our dedicated team ensures a reassuring and seamless process.

Whether supporting you in finding the right international school for your child or introducing our business network to provide you with assistance such as company registration and Employment Pass application, Sprouts Lab ensures a smooth and efficient transition. For additional details and personalised support, please feel free to inquire. We are here to guide you through every step of the educational journey, allowing you to embark on your business endeavours with confidence and peace of mind.

🎒Foreign Student Package

For individuals moving to Singapore to continue or further their studies, Sprouts Lab’s Foreign Student Package provides comprehensive support to the needs of students. Whether you’re holding a Student Pass, with or without an accompanying parent or female relative as a caregiver, our package is designed to help you navigate the intricacies of the Student Pass application.

Our dedicated team assists in streamlining the application process, ensuring a smooth experience for students. For those with accompanying parents or female relatives serving as caregivers, our Foreign Student Package includes support for obtaining a Long-Term Visit Pass with a sponsor, addressing the necessary requirements for a holistic and stress-free relocation.

Suppose you’re planning to study in Singapore. In that case, Sprouts Lab is here to guide you through the essential details of the relocation process, making your educational journey a seamless and enjoyable experience. Feel free to inquire for further details and personalised assistance tailored to your specific needs.

Short Term Programmes, Language Schools, Camps

Immerse yourself in Singapore’s vibrant education environment and enhance your English proficiency with Sprouts Lab’s Short-Term Programmes, Language Schools, and Camps. Tailored for individuals or groups seeking a dynamic learning experience, these programmes offer flexibility and accessibility. With durations from 1 to 4 weeks, starting from less than S$800 for a one-week program, participants can delve into language courses available throughout the year, experiencing the richness of Singapore’s cultural tapestry while honing their English language skills.

These short-term offerings provide a perfect avenue for language enthusiasts, tourists, or those seeking an immersive educational experience without needing student passes before committing to relocating to Singapore on a longer term. For longer durations exceeding 4 weeks, Sprouts Lab assists participants in obtaining the necessary Student Pass or other valid visas, ensuring a smooth transition for an extended and immersive educational experience in Singapore.

By partnering with Sprouts Lab, you can approach the school selection process with confidence and clarity. We will be your trusted guide every step of the way, ensuring you find the perfect educational home for your child and unleash their limitless potential.

Exploring Educational Avenues with Sprouts Lab Guidance

Choosing the perfect school for your child in Singapore requires careful deliberation. Local and international schooling options offer distinct merits and challenges, each tailored to specific needs and priorities. Local schools stand out for their affordability and strong academic focus, while international schools prioritise holistic development and provide diverse learning environments.

Thoroughly assess your child’s individual requirements, your family’s goals, and your financial considerations to make a well-informed decision. Embrace a deliberate approach by conducting detailed research on schools, visiting them personally, and connecting with other parents for valuable insights.
Forge a partnership with Sprouts Lab, your reliable companion in navigating the intricacies of school selection. Unleash your child’s full potential by tapping into the expertise of our committed team of consultants. Within the vibrant educational landscape of Singapore, the ideal school awaits to nurture your child’s distinctive abilities, leading them towards a promising and gratifying future. Reach out to us today for further information.

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