Sprouts Lab: Your Gateway to International School Education in Singapore

Children are the world’s hope for a better future. What we do today for them will shape their attitudes and values leading them to make the world a better place.

Why Choose Sprouts Lab?

Sprouts Lab: Your Gateway to International School Education in Singapore

Are you moving to Singapore for a new job and feeling anxious about the international school enrollment process for your child in this vibrant city?

Uncertain about the various educational pathways available at international schools in Singapore? Concerned whether the education your child is receiving focuses too much on passive learning or academic qualifications? Considering the International Baccalaureate (IB) program as a potential option?

Do you wish for your child to have opportunities, perhaps ones you didn’t have, to study abroad? To enable them to see and experience life beyond their current surroundings, fostering creative and critical thinking, inclusivity, and a global mindset?

How we can help

We are here to support you in navigating the international school enrollment process in Singapore! Taking this first step is crucial in creating a positive change.

Our diverse team comprises parents just like you, sharing similar concerns for our children’s education in international schools. With our personal experiences in the complexities of enrollment and ongoing school support in Singapore, we aim to guide you in making informed decisions for your child’s future

Pre-Enrolment Process Overview

We take these arduous and tedious processes off your hands

so you can focus on transitioning into your new job or take care of the needs of your children.

Research on Singapore international schools

Shortlist preferred schools

Make inquiry to preferred schools

Schedule for campus visits or online consultation

Prepare application documents

Make various
necessary payments

Take assessment and/or
go through interview

Application Outcome

We offer support from the above very initial steps, up till Letter of Acceptance (Offer) is issued. We are also there to guide you in preparation for your child’s first day of school (school uniforms purchase, school bus, etc.) if needed.

The Preferred Agency for Singapore International Schools

With our extensive professional experience in the education sector, and more importantly, because we share your sentiments on the importance of childhood education, we are dedicated to guiding you through the international school enrollment process in Singapore. Our aim is to help you make the best choice of school support for your child in this vibrant international environment.

In a nutshell, we provide:

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Ready to find the perfect international school in Singapore for your child? Connect with our experts and begin your journey towards a world-class education experience!

For details on our range of support packages and options menu, please check out “Our Services” and feel free to make an inquiry.