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English opens doors to a world of opportunities

Why Study English?

English is a universal language, spoken by millions around the world. Whether in school (through English courses) in the workplace, or in everyday life, mastering English fosters cross-cultural appreciation and understanding. Proficiency in English, enhanced by engaging in an English learning course, has become one of the essential skills for students to succeed in the international fields, enabling individuals to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and collaborate on a global scale.

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What You Can Achieve

 Improve academic English language skills

 Experience intercultural communication

✓ Increase self-confidence

 Increase openness and inclusion

✓ Broaden their horizons

 Grow to adapt to an internationalised society<

Where to Start? 

Singapore – The  Top Choice for Education

English is the official language of Singapore. Here, you will be immersed in an English-speaking environment where you will learn and interact with multi-ethnic locals as well as multinational classmates, improving your English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills through various English courses and English language learning programs. This experience will build your confidence in a comparatively short period of time.


Singapore boasts world-class institutions offering high-quality academic English language programmes, including intensive English courses for international students. Students are exposed to standard English pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.


Of course, a safe living environment for their children is also essential for parents, and in Singapore, they can feel secure. With all the best conditions for education on this Little Red Dot, you would be ensured a beneficial and rewarding learning experience.

When is a Good Time? 

Study abroad at a young age has several key importance and advantages:

👧🏻👦🏻 Language Proficiency: Younger learners tend to pick up languages more easily and achieve greater fluency, providing a strong foundation for future language skills. To that end, participating in English learning courses can accelerate this process.

🕌 Cultural Awareness and Adaptability: Young students are often more adaptable and open to new cultures. This fosters cultural sensitivity and global awareness. They will grow to be more open-minded and have an empathetic worldview, which can be invaluable in an increasingly interconnected world.

🏆 Personal Development: Studying abroad at a young age promotes independence, self-confidence, and resilience as students learn to navigate life in a foreign country.

📚 Academic Opportunities: Access to high-quality educational institutions and diverse academic programmes, including english language courses and english learning classes, can help young learners excel academically and explore their interests in depth.

🌍 Global Network: Building international friendships and professional connections early, through avenues like english classes or studying english abroad, can lead to a broader global network that benefits future career opportunities.

👨‍💼 Career Advancement: International experience gained during youth, supplemented by improving english skills in an academic english course, can enhance a student’s resume. This makes them more competitive in the job market and potentially leads to global career opportunities.

📷 Long-lasting Memories: Starting young creates lifelong memories and experiences that shape one’s perspective and enrich their life journey.

We offer various short-term programmes, including English immersion courses and ESL classes, to choose from that will provide you with a Singapore learning experience that best suits your objectives. Whether you’re interested in an intensive English course or are simply looking to improve your English with a 1-week programme, get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey filled with endless possibilities!

English Immersion Course

For students who wish to focus on improving their English proficiency.

・Duration: From 1-4 weeks

・Fees: From 1-week SGD720 onwards

・Age group: Ages 9-17

・Commencement dates: Every Monday (except public holiday)

・Schedule: Monday to Friday, 5 hours daily

・Location: School campus, East/Central Singapore

Kids Summer Camp

Summer, Winter Camps (Registration open)

For those who prefer exciting and engaging learning experiences while immersing themselves in an English speaking environment. How better to learn while having FUN!

E.g. The Athlete, Artist, Coding

・Duration: From 1-week

・Fees: from SGD800 onwards per week (depending on programme)

・Age group:  Ages 3-16 (depending on programme)

・Commencement dates:  10 Jun – 2 Aug 2024 (except public holidays) 

Generally during Singapore international school holidays (Jun-early Aug, Dec-Jan) 

・Schedule: Monday to Friday (except public holidays)

・Location: International School Campus

*Please make an inquiry for dates, age group and fees for each programme.

Remarks: Participant needs to understand basic instructional English

Intensive 35 English Programme

A rigorous English programme for students who want to improve their English language skills in a short time.

・Duration: From 1-4 weeks

・Fees: From 1-week, SGD2,170 onwards

・Age group: Ages 9-18

・Commencement dates: Every Monday (except public holiday)

・Schedule: Monday to Friday, 7 hours daily
(including 2 hours 1-1 lesson)

・Location: School campus, Central area Orchard

Local School Challenge Course

For students who wish to experience the local school level, or to prepare and apply for admission examinations for local government schools. It will be in two subjects, English and Mathematics.

・Duration; from 1 month

・Course fee: from SGD 2,320 per month (depending on year level)

・Age range: 7-15 years (from current grade 1)

・Intake Dates: 2 Jan 2024 onwards, (first Monday of each month)

・Schedule: Every Monday to Friday (except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays), 6 hours daily

・Location: School campus, East Singapore

Remarks: Entry requirements apply. Student visas are required for courses longer than one month.

EDU Tour (Registration open for this season)

In this English training course, you will learn English while you go on a journey of discovery and education. Apply first hand what you just learnt in the classroom!

・Duration: 1-week – 4-week   

・Fees: 1-week SGD1,880; 2-week SGD3,280 onwards

・Age group:  Ages 15-18 

・Dates:    Jun – Sep 2024 (limited period only)  

・Schedule: Monday to Friday (except public holidays), 5 hours daily (except for activity day)

・Location: School campus, Central area Orchard

Remarks: Accommodation for this programme will be a homestay arranged by the school. Homestay costs are included in the fees.

Points to Note:

  • Course fees EXCLUDE all other expenses such as air ticket, accommodation, travel insurance, food, transport, medical expenses, etc.
  • Kindly make sure the student meets the requirements to enter Singapore.
  • For students below the age of 21, an accompanying adult is required in accordance with the accommodation regulations.

Please feel free to request for a free consultation if you would like to find out more or are not sure which course is the most suitable.

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